iTiro | Timesheet & Payslip Software

We believe good recruitment software should make complex tasks easy

That’s why we’ve created iTiro, a product that’s intuitive and simple to use!

Easy entry and authorisation of hours or days worked

Mobile App allows worker to input hours/days and expenses for client authorisation (or dispute) ready to download into Aspire or Tempaid.

Reduced payroll administration

Payroll hours no longer need to be entered manually preventing data entry errors.

MyPay module allows easy access to payslip history

Optional facility enables workers to view, dowload or print history of payslips, P60’s or P45’s in the same app.

For the worker

Convenient and easy to use app.

  • Timesheet filter – Worker can clearly see the status of all their timesheets
  • Holiday request and abscence reporting – In addition to allowing hours worked to be entered, iTiro also allows direct communication between the worker and agency.

For the client

Convenient and easy to use mobile app or website.

  • Timesheet filter – Client can clearly see the status of all timesheets.
  • Reporting – Enables client to export online timesheet data to spreadsheet.
  • Quick and easy authorisation (or dispute) of hours or days worked.

For the agency

Timesheet management.

  • Timesheet upload – Ability to upload from either Aspire or Tempaid to streamline your working process.
  • Reporting – Provides the agency with real-time information of timesheet status. Ability to run worker and client chaser reports and send emails.
  • Agency access – Allows authorised users to access iTiro on behalf of workers and/or clients.

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